Meat Free May: Continuance.

And so to you, the first day of June. At the start of Meat Free May I would’ve anticipated things to resemble 30 Days of Night by now.

Truth is, I’ve really enjoyed this whole vegetarian thing. Correlation don’t always equal causation; but I do feel better, and I haven’t missed eating meat in any way I might have expected. So many things have changed in the last few months, and diet is always one you need to look at. I’ve been looking at mine and I think the less animal parts the better.

The month may have ended, but the donation page will be online for a little while longer. Thanks to everyone who’s supported this, one way or another.



Meat Free May: Tobago – Temptation Waits

I won't be churlish enough to state that I haven't received any support from my loved ones during Meat Free May. Shared meals and excursions have easily accomodated my sudden change in diet, with little disruption and healthy support. However, I do feel that the principle behind this is somewhat obscured.

We've made friends with an energetic, and powerfully helpful tour guide. There was a long conversation by the poolside; sharing life stories, touching on our perspectives and experiences. She was making recommendations on things to see and do; giving us information beyond the polish of the brochures and reps. The topic of food inevitably came up, and I explained how I'd given up meat and fish for one month, for charity.

She was astonished. My mother fell back on a rejoinder I'd heard before we left Blighty: "Eat meat and make up the days in June." Our new friend told me to keep any ravening I do secret. Just don't tell anyone.

I hope I'm not making too much of us, especially since I'm talking about a person I love dearly and a bright young woman who has been so warm and generous to us. I think what unsettles me is that I've heard things like this multiple times since this began.

Don't tell. For me, the principle is more important than any temptation this beautiful island can offer. And believe me, temptation waits. Enormous, juicy steaks; constellations of exotic, mouth watering seafood, usually with little delay twixt salt water and plate. But I signed up for this, knowing full well I was coming here. To an island paradise which chalks up much of its appeal to its culinary delights.  

The message of Meat Free May is an important one. For me, its about keeping informed and accepting that, while guilt shouldn't necessarily follow, we should accept some responsibility for what finds its way onto our plates. I wouldn't describe myself as the most moral of individuals, but I've always recognised the value of open eyes.


I've not gone into withdrawal yet. Help keep me on track, and contribute to an important and worthy cause here.

Frittata Complex

Tonight I tried this recipe. No casualties as of yet, and though its not a complex dish by any means, its a big deal for someone like me. Someone who hates cooking, who rues the fact we haven’t got those food pills 1950’s sci-fi promised us. Oh yes there’s food I like – Pho, blue steak, lasagne, spaghetti, madras curry – but ultimately food is fuel. Very much with Sherlock¬†on that one.

So I made a frittata. The first time in living memory I’ve cooked something without beef mince. Plenty of spinach went into it because I need the iron, though it could have done with far more cheese. The only point of contention was the requirement of eggs. Dairy isn’t excluded during¬†Meat Free May, so my issue is the fact that eggs commonly come from chickens.

I have a longstanding conflict with chickens. Aged 9: a slice of tikka chicken pizza in a supermarket. A night of stomach cramps and exorcist style projectile vomiting. Though chicken has never been removed from my diet, I am desperately paranoid about it. I see a a sliver of pink in a chicken breast, the whole thing goes uneaten. A single piece of gristle? Its out for the foxes. In fact, I wonder why I eat the damn stuff at all.

Eggs come from chickens. From the business end of chickens. Either in Birkenau style battery farms, or free range spaces where shite, sustenance and (one assumes) shagging coalesce harmoniously. Who are these people who want to keep chickens in urban spaces? Allotments and gardens full of squawking, pestilent devil-poultry. Clearly you hate your children.

This post was meant to be about a recipe. It worked. It wasn’t half bad. I’m going to make it again, but I know they are watching; and waiting…


Ignore the psychotic rant – focus on Meat Free May. I’ve gone vegetarian for one month to raise money for Friends of the Earth. More information can be found on My Donation Page.